Use an Anonymous Wallet

Because not only your coins/tokens are Traceable, but also is your Wallet!
In order to avoid identity breaches, you should use a new Wallet to receive your Untraceable Coins after the mixing process.

To open a new wallet you can simply use your favorite wallet manager such as Trust Wallet or Binance Wallet (Browser Extension).

For a perfect Anonymity, we recommend you to use Binance Wallet on top of the Tor Browser.
Using our Onion Mirror: bnbmixer7rlmefqbacozgzgywq2dhzvfudzu2bort76c6jodmjohnyyd.onion.

Mixing Limits

  • Minimum Deposit:
    * Depositing less than minimum amount will result in assets loss.
  • Maximum Deposit:
    * That's the amount of pre-mixed BNB currently available in our pool, depositing more than that amount will result in unpredictable mixing delays.

Mixing Steps

  1. Start the BNB Mixer:
    • Enter your Forwarding Address.
    • Choose a Mixing Time.
  2. Deposit your BNB Coins.
    • To the given Mixing Wallet.
  3. Wait for the Mixing Time.
    • According to your set-up.
  4. Receive Untraceable BNB.
    • On your Forwarding Address.

BNB Mixer

Mix any Bep20 Token

If you are on holding your coins on an exchange you can easily trade your Bep20 tokens for BNB Coins.
If you are holding your tokens on your own wallet, you can use a decentralized app like Pancake Swap to swap your coins for BNB coins.

Once your coins converted to BNB, simply use this BNB Mixer to Anonymize your BNB Coins and Wallet, then use Pancake Swap to swap your new Untraceable BNB for any token you wish to hold.